On The Kidnapping of Children

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Kidnapping: to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud,

 especially for use as a hostage or to extract ransom.

An article was recently brought to my attention describing the potential plight of parents who are about to lose their children. The headline concerns the parents – but, to steal a phrase, won’t anybody think of the children?

The article can be read here.

The children are being taken by social services because they are so obese and unhealthy that they are effectively being abused – and child obesity is most certainly abuse and a disgusting slight on the joy of childhood.

Not only that, but the parents were warned some years ago to rectify the obesity of their children, or to suffer the consequences of losing them. They have rectified nothing, and now the law leers at them.

But let’s not fudge around with euphemisms and pretence.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

This is the legalised kidnapping of children.

It is nothing new, but this example is a particularly illuminating one. The kidnapping – by force – of children has been practised for many decades, but with this example the irony is made clear; you see the “need” for kidnapping is only there by fault of the government, by fault of the standard way and the “common sense” of using force to tell people what is right.

The kidnapping is an attempt to treat the symptoms, not the cause. It is taking paracetamol to make the pain of cancer more bearable.

It is an admission that the social workers have failed – utterly and completely. They have done their jobs so poorly that they are convinced that taking children against their will is the only solution.

The reasons in this instance are many and varied, but one is easily visible; the government guidelines on nutrition are part of the cause of obesity. The government guidelines on education, sport and the seeping misanthropy this creates and causes in man is the why.

And their cure is to add to the violence with more violence! With the forced extraction of children from their homes, against their wishes and without their consultation!

Anyone with sufficiently up-to-date knowledge on nutrition understands the harmful recommendations of government nutrition policy – how an obsession with grains, and a pandering, nay, bending over to providers of processed foods, combined with a woeful programme of education has crippled the capacity of the majority of individuals to care for themselves properly through diet.

The parents are not innocent – they have lied to their children just as much as their parents and governments past lied to them.

But they are not the root of the problem and making them suffer solves nothing.

Kidnapping humans – children who are the easiest to control – does not get to the root of the problem!

It is only possible because of the ever-present baton. The threat which forces people to obey, and which criminalises people who carry the wrong plant in their pockets.

There is not much more I want to say right now, except to press the idea that the initiation of force solves nothing. Taking these children against their will is not going to help turn them in to healthy, happy and creatively productive individuals.

I hope that the children are not taken – I hope that they are listened to, and that their wishes are taken in to account. I hope that they are treated with dignity and respect, and given all the encouragement they need to live healthily and happily with their family.

Is that too much to hope for?

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