How To Dominate The Fuck Out Of Life

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Most People Lead Lives That Suck

A recurring theme on my blog will be that we are in the minority who don’t suck. Or at least, I don’t.

But what about those people want to actually start leading a vital, full life, how do they go about doing it? What are they missing?

Their problem is they don’t know how to dominate life.

Dominate the fuck out of it.

They don’t know how to take ownership of themselves, and thus, their lives. They don’t understand the interplay between sadness and joy and the relentlessly superior life that emerges when you have integrity, living life on your own terms.

This post is a five-step primer on how to dominate the fuck out of life.

1. Acknowledge Your Own Sovereignty

Recognise that no-one owns your mind.

Recognise that the commitments and obligations you feel to others or institutions are a choice. They might be a choice that has been brainwashed in to you since birth, and it might be hard to escape it, but so long as you control your own mind they are still a choice.

Most people will forfeit the opportunity to recognise their own sovereignty.

Why? The answer is disturbingly simple; if you are sovereign then you are responsible. Most people are not willing to take responsibility for everything they do in life because that means acknowledging both your own genius AND your own ineptitude.

And doing the second part can sting; it can really hurt.

But just as happiness is meaningless without melancholy, and just as wellness only exists because of pain, so too does responsibility take the form of a two-headed beast.

If you are blaming others, the world, the government then you are choosing to become a victim, and you will forever be damned in the life you lead!

Further reading:

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World – Harry Browne

2. Care less about others

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.


The abused phrase “I couldn’t care less” became the ironic “I could care less” and the pathetic truth is that most people could care less. Or at least they should.

They care too much about others.

This point follows on naturally from that of sovereignty. If you truly realise that you are master of your own life, then equally you understand that you are not master of anyone else’s.

You will do whatever the fuck makes you happy, regardless how that makes others think of you.

You can’t change them; they cannot and should not change you. Why would you care about them?

I am of course not including in this the care of an emotional and affectionate nature that one possesses for family, friends and lovers. I am talking about the care that manifests as a seething rot of the mind whenever one becomes too preoccupied with the affairs unconnected others.

If it makes you happy to care about or for others  – such as a nurse or psychologist does – then you must of course pursue that path. But it is an exercise in life-wasting futility to care what others think about your sex life, the books you read or your hair cut.

3. Learn to be fully present

If you are going to watch a film, then you better not worry about the dishes you left dirty. For goodness’ sake, life is far too short to not devote your mind and energy to whatever it is that presently occupies you!

A scattered concentration is an unfortunate side-effect of the wonders of modern technology; it is hard to be fully present when you have the radio, T.V., YouTube, Facebook Chat and your homework all screaming for your attention at once.

But there is a wonderful and rich reward that comes of being fully present – and it is freely available to all who would claim it!

It is the reward of vitality.

Never will you be more alive than when you divert one hundred percent of your energies to the present moment!

It is not something that comes naturally to most of us. It takes work, and constant little reminders. We must teach ourselves to distract distraction until our whims are mastered.

4. Have a sense of humour

This point makes all the others easier.

Life is dark, lonely and futile.

But everybody loves a dark comedy! The balance here is in finding that point where your obsessions don’t consume you but enrich you. It is the difference between indulgence and compulsion.

To find this balance you must learn to laugh in the moments where to do anything else would destroy you. Learn to laugh inwardly when others tut or attempt to mock you. Don’t take seriously the “musts” in life such as a desk job, a car, a house and a fucking iPhone.

These toys can, after all, only be truly enjoyed when your own house is in order – your mind, your body, your voice.

Further reading:

The Satanic Bible – Anton LaVey

5. Actions speak louder than words

Understanding what I have written on an intellectual level will be challenging for many, but easy for some. For these latter people, the difficulty is in learning for themselves what I have written. It is a challenge because actually the study is on-going.

And there are no shortcuts.

Nothing can take the place of lived experience, of learning for yourself that the laughter of others at your expense is merely an echo of their own desperation.

If you do not take initiative and actually do the things you want to do, then your intellectual understanding is for nought.

And so is your life.


The men, women and individuals of unspecific gender who truly thrive and are blessed in this world are the ones who take the necessary steps to dominate.

Can you look yourself in the mirror and take pleasure in what you see?

Or do the “what ifs” haunt your waking hours…

If you are dominating the fuck out of life, leave a comment and let me know. There are as many ways to do it as there are people, and it’s always awesome to hear about.

11 thoughts on “How To Dominate The Fuck Out Of Life

  1. Power post for sure. I completely agree that no one owns our minds. We create the thoughts we think about. We create the images we have in our head.

    I wouldn’t say I’m totally dominating the fuck out of my life but I’m in a much better place than I was a year ago. I’ve changed my attitude, my thoughts, the images I hold in my head and my work ethic. I have a vision of how I want to help others change their lives.

    Seems like you understand how to dominate life as well!

    1. I’m not totally dominating yet either, but I am trying – for me progress is the key.

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

  2. antiseptic boy says:

    i m totally fucked up by my life nd mind….i m finishing down…

  3. This post is correct.

  4. Although the OP looks like a bitch.

    Go lift some weights bro lol :p

  5. The points you make have as many facets as a blind man’s right bollock, and your arguments are as complex as my sphincter.

    I realise I have flaws, but that doesn’t affect my ability to deduce that you’re a cunt.

  6. The title of this post alone is motivating as hell. Bookmarked and will be re-read 20 times for sure.

  7. This is an intersting work. As a non-internet writer, I can tell you that your work loses crediblity when you mention “homework.” No one respects students except other students… The biggest problem I have with what you wrote, and what I have thought of many times myself, is that we need relationships with others to be happy. Unfortunatly, not being hated requires self-sacrafice. And don’t rebuke our need to connect with others. It is not a choice, Darwin’s law chose for us. We’re socialized AND selected to need others. The most miserable people you’ll ever meet are alone, like me xD

    1. There’s no need to sacrifice who you truly are in order to develop deep connections with others. In fact I would argue the opposite is true; you need to be true to yourself before you can possibly hope to have meaningful relationships with others.

      I totally agree that having great relationships with others is key to happiness. 🙂

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