The Joy Of Letting Go

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I don’t know why it took me so long, but I finally truly acknowledged the benefits of not doing my own programming. Yeah, this coming from a personal trainer. For some reason I would recommend everyone else get someone else do their training for them. Except me. Ultimately it ground me down, culminating in 2013 […]


There Has Never Been A Greater Time Than Now

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The other day I chanced to see an article on Facebook bemoaning the lack of jobs for young people. Intrigued, I read it, but became confused. It stated well that there are fewer “regular” jobs in the economy, that traditional employment opportunities are dying up, and that the hapless governments of the world have large […]


Anxiety, Working Out, and Paralysis by Analysis

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Recently I have been trying my best to help someone new to training get started. Let’s call this someone Jerry. Everyone has some sort of nerves or worries about training before they start. Even experienced people do – as we will go in to in more detail below. But Jerry has a particularly acute and […]

Albert Einstein’s Secret to Effortless Learning

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Einstein is known as a genius for his scientific breakthroughs. Thanks to that fame, we have also come to know his insight into other, non-scientific ideas. One of his best and most timeless pieces of advice is the secret he taught his son in a private letter. It is a secret which can make learning […]

The 8 Principles of Rapid Learning

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Below is a collection of some guiding principles I have discovered which enable radically accelerated learning in order to get you from “suck” to “good” as quickly as humanly possible. Each will be expanded upon elsewhere – this is merely to serve as a reference point, perhaps to help get you in the right frame […]

Full Mental Reset – A Recap on 2013

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The below is long (2314 words), somewhat rambling, and probably uninteresting to anyone else reading. It’s a recap of a very interesting year for me in which I seemed to take 3 steps forward and 3 steps back. A lot happened. A lot didn’t. A lot changed. A lot stayed the same. Read at your […]

Maughan Library

What I Really Learned At University

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A lot of people have just started university, and this year I finished. I figured it was a good time for me to reflect on my last few years in education at a top university in London, and to offer any insight that I might have for others who are just beginning. For many, university […]